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1.  Profile of Diredawa City
1.1     . Name of the City/Town:- Diredawa Cty Adiministration
1.2     . Foundation:- 1602GC(1894 EC)
1.3     . Location:-
Region:- Diredawa city Adiministration
Astronomical location: at 9°38N latitude and 45°50´E longitude
1.4 Distances from Addis AbabaŠć°- 525 km
1.5 Major Role of the City/Town:- Administration, Manufacturing & distribution, Commercial, tourism, etc  center.
      City/Town administration Type:- Cty administration (Charter City) 
     Administrative sub—division:- kebele level

                       Existing type of urban Plan prepared & year:- Integrated Development plan (IDP) prepared in 1998 E.C.(2006GC)